Celebrating Christmas at YES! Thank you!

Happy New Year! On behalf of the staff and residents at YES, we wanted to thank you for all of your kind contributions during the holiday season. Thanks to your generous donations, YES volunteers, and staff were able to put together Christmas packages for all of the residents. Thanks to you, everyone at the shelter had something to open on Christmas Day. Our wonderful staff played games with youth, and cooked them their own specially ordered breakfast! It was a wonderful day. Thank you for all of your kind support! There are some photos from Christmas morning at the shelter below.
Your kind contributions made a significant impact on our residents, as did the efforts of our amazing staff. A resident who is staying at YES with their family wrote the following letter about their experience at YES on Christmas Day:
“What does it mean to have Christmas in a shelter? It means something different to everyone here. In our case, we are a family of 4 and never thought we would be in a shelter. As is with everyone else, Christmas means getting together with family, eating as a family, and “yes” even getting presents. Well things are different here-not everyone has family/friends they can depend on so eventually everyone who is here at Christmas bands together as a family- a day to reflect and put differences aside. It amazed me that the staff tried their best to accommodate the needs of everyone. When I was asked what my children like (believe it or not) I told them my son loves tape-yes, tape! He doesn’t care what kind (scotch tape, electrical tape, duct tape etc.) The staff actually found “fancy” tape for him and he was beyond delighted. But beyond the material things, it was a nice treat for all of us living here to wake up to breakfast and celebrate Christmas. To all of the people who volunteer to help as well as those who make donations, I say a BIG THANK YOU. You have made a life long lesson of treating people with dignity and happy memories. To ALL the staff, YOU’RE THE BEST! May everyone have a happy New Year’s and may all your future endeavors come true.”
On behalf of YES residents and staff, thank you for all of your generous contributions!


Playing games with staff and residents.
Opening their Christmas packages.
Everyone received something!
Some Christmas packages being opened!
Everyone’s Christmas gifts!
Personalized breakfasts for our residents!

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