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image of casually dressed person walking away across a bridgeIf you are in need of help, please call YES at 705-748-3851 any time. We are open 24 hours a day.

The YES shelter facility at 196 Brock St. offers temporary housing to youth 16-24 and to families. The shelter has a total of 30 beds, 15 of which are in a separated section for family groups. The building also includes a dining area with fully equipped kitchen, a common room for leisure time or meetings, as well as administrative offices and storage. The shelter is open and staffed 24 hours a day.

The length of stay at the shelter varies, but in general, youth clients are expected to find more permanent housing within six weeks. During the day, residents are required to look for housing and attend school or go to work – shelter staff provides assistance and advice with this, and helps residents get in touch with other organizations and services that work with youth and families. YES employees also participate in case management of individual shelter residents, working in partnership with other community organizations.

Before calling or emailing YES, have a look at these frequently asked questions to see if your answer is here.


faq_insert_1If you are in need of help, please call YES at 705-748-3851 any time. We are open 24 hours a day.

FAQ for individuals looking for emergency housing

Who can stay at YES’ emergency shelter?

YES serves youth aged 16-24 and families. A family is any person(s) with legal custody and guardianship of a child/children.

Do I need to make an appointment to get a bed at YES?

YES does not reserve beds.

YES is staffed 24 hours a day and any worker will assist you any time. It’s always best to call ahead to ensure there is a bed available to you and to find out when the best time would be to arrive

How long can I stay at YES?

YES is not long-term housing. Generally, residents are expected to find their own housing within 6 weeks. We work with residents to find appropriate housing and overcome any barriers to getting housing. However, we understand that the rental market in Peterborough can be challenging, so longer stays can be negotiated.

Is it safe?

YES has staff members on duty 24-hours-a-day, with security cameras and procedures in place to manage resident activities and emergency situations. If you are a woman fearing or experiencing violence in your intimate relationship, the YWCA’s Crossroads Shelter is better able to support you.

Do I get a room to myself or must I share?

Most rooms at YES are shared rooms. A single room might be assigned to a client if they have a particular need (such as someone who has a job and must get up for work each day).

Do I get food?

Breakfast is served continental style, with bread, buns, juice, fruit, and cereals available. A bag lunch is provided to all residents who sign up for one – a hot lunch is sometimes provided during the cold months when staff or volunteers are available to make it. Supper is served every night at 6pm. YES follows the Canada Food Guide recommendations for healthy eating.

Do I have to be out during the day?

All residents are expected to look for a more permanent place to live, go to school, attend agency appointments, and/or search for employment. If these tasks are being pursued you do not have to leave YES during the day. However, case managers will hold you accountable. If it is clear that you are not following the rules, and not attending to your responsibilities, staff will require you to be out between 9am and 5pm.

What do I have to do while a resident at YES?

All residents must follow some basic rules and live up to certain expectations while at YES. These include being respectful to others, completing chores, keeping their room clean, and looking for housing. If another agency has determined you have other responsibilities – for example, attending school or performing community service hours – then we can assist you with that.

Do I get any money when I’m in the shelter?

YES residents who currently receive an income through Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, will continue to receive the Basic Needs portion of their funds while residing at YES. New residents who are not clients of either OW or ODSP will be assisted to register for financial assistance.

Do I have to go to school?

In Ontario, all persons must attend school to the age of 18. We have assisted hundreds of young people to earn Ontario secondary school credits through the Carriage House alternative classroom.

What if I work?

The City of Peterborough will pay for your stay at YES, but you will have to save all your pay for rent, utilities, etc. If you need extensions to our curfew to go to work, shelter staff will negotiate new curfew times with you as long as you provide a schedule from your employer.

What are my responsibilities as a parent at YES?

Along with all the regular responsibilities, family clients jointly clean the shared bathroom and open areas in the family section where there are toys and books. Families at YES must look after their children at all times, or arrange for appropriate care outside the shelter. YES does not have staff available to do childcare. Children may not be left with other residents.