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Homelessness Prevention

If you are worried that you might become homeless, you can call 211. Youth in Peterborough (City and County) will be connected with a YES outreach worker who can meet you (where you are) to help make a plan to ensure you do not find yourself in a housing emergency.

This is a homelessness prevention program that ensures youth who might experience homelessness, and often a mental health crisis, are supported and wherever possible, reconnected with their families.

YES works with Peterborough Youth Services to provide mental health support to young people who may be on the verge of a housing crisis.

This important program makes it easy for families and youth to find support when they need it most. Anyone in the community can simply dial 211 at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year for support.

If a young person feels that they might experience homelessness or housing insecurity, the 211 dispatchers will connect youth or families to YES’ outreach team, ensuring an immediate response to the crisis.