transitional housing

Rise Youth Housing Program

YES’ Rise Youth Housing Program provides teens with a place to live that is safe and secure.

It is not emergency shelter. It is a place where youth can learn to cook their own food, keep their own things, and know they are being supported to recover, stabilize and move forward into their lives. This is how to resolve a young person’s homelessness. This is how we can help reduce adult homelessness in Peterborough. This program works.

In the program, participants pay a monthly fee, are responsible for specific chores, and are expected to participate in house meetings. When someone leaves this program, they have the skills to live on their own, often finishing their high school diploma, exiting into a college program or into employment.

Listen: youth share their experience

This audio was created by former Youth Housing mentor, Shannon Culkeen.

Contact Geri Blinick for more information about the program.

This program has been operating in Peterborough for over 15 years, and largely depends on fundraised support from the community. If you want to support this important program please click here to make a donation today.

A very big thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting our efforts to expand this important program.