Research inquiries

Research Inquiries

We appreciate your interest in homelessness and hope you find the reports and links on this website useful.

Please know that YES receives many requests to speak to our clients for a variety of research projects. YES permits very few researchers to speak with clients since we want to maintain clients’ privacy.

If you would like to request to speak directly with clients for research/projects, please send an email to Executive Director, Aimee Le Lagadec outlining:

  • Your experience working with or interviewing homeless individuals. Homelessness is a traumatic event for most and knowledge/sensitivity is required.
  • How your research/project will benefit YES or our clients (for example, by informing funding priorities or new programs, changing broader views of homelessness, etc.).
  • The intended audience/place for your final product and how you will maintain anonymity and/or get permission to use any images or words received from clients.