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YES Shelter Repair Project

The YES Emergency Shelter at 196 Brock St has been helping young people and families in a housing crisis for over 20 years. The shelter building is now in dire need of repairs.

Please consider helping us repair our Emergency Shelter for Youth and Families!

Here is an up-to-date list of the work that needs to be done, the most recent cost estimates and status of work. This list will be kept up-to-date for your information while we work to better help young people and families experiencing homelessness in Peterborough.

Shelter Washroom Renovation $60,000Getting Quotes, Shower plumbing quote secured, now scheduling work
Increase Video Monitoring of Shelter Exterior $6000Getting Quotes
Piping Rerouting work in the Front of Shelter$15,000Quotes secured, permits secured, now scheduling work
Main Foyer and Client Entrance Renovation $42,000Getting Quotes
Parking Lot expansion and pave$12,000Getting Quotes
Privacy fencing off the front side of shelter$12,000Quotes secured
Side fencing replacement $6000Getting Quotes
Flagstone installation and landscape repair $19,904Quotes secured, scheduling under way
Structural work and winterization of upper porch$20,000Getting quotes
Exterior prep and painting $4,600Quotes secured
TOTAL$197,504(This amount will fluctuate as quotes are secured, work is scheduled, and final totals are paid)

What more info on the Shelter Repair Project? Email Brooke at or call 705-312-6828