Youth in transition worker

Youth in Transition

YES’ Youth in Transition Worker Program supports youth aged 16-24 who are/have been involved with the Children’s Aid Society. The Youth in Transition Worker (YITW) can support youth in moving forward on their goals related to life skills, employment, financial literacy and banking, education, legal concerns, physical and mental health, housing, and social connection.

In this voluntary program, the young person will identify which goals they want to work on and the YITW will act as a support team co-ordinator, mentor and coach. The aim is to connect the young person with services (especially safe and secure housing), help them navigate new systems, foster informal supports, provide instruction in life skills, and nurture self-efficacy.

If you are, or know a youth between the ages of 16-24, who is, or has been involved with the Children’s Aid Society, or if you just want some further information, please contact Bob Barrow at 705-559-4753 (text ok) or by email at