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Long overdue! YES Emergency Shelter gets a new kitchen and dining room

Posted on April 6, 2022 in Current News

Helping people in the most vulnerable time in their lives is what we do.

YES aims to provide safety and help when young people and parents with children are in a housing crisis. But we’ve always operated on a shoe-string budget, and this was evident by the state of our kitchen and dining room, which haven’t been updated since the shelter building was acquired in 2001.

BEFORE: The Emergency Shelter kitchen has been the same since the shelter opened over 20 years ago.

YES feeds three meals everyday to up to 30 young people, parents and children. This food is prepared daily by staff in a kitchen has always been ill suited for such high usage.

BEFORE: The dining room space ahead of the new flooring and furniture going in.

In 2021, the YES Shelter for Youth and Families was the recipient of The Orange Door Project Grant. Home Depot Canada Foundation funded YES to renovate the kitchen and dining room in our Emergency Shelter.

This meant that finally, our old, and hard-to-clean kitchen would become a functional space for staff to serve 15,855 meals per year. Our domestic dishwasher became a sanitizing dishwasher, and all of our surfaces are now stainless steel. Floors were all replaced, and our dining room was brightened with better, more sturdy tables and chairs.

AFTER: The new kitchen with entirely stainless steel counters, shelving and appliances.

The Home Depot Canada Foundation awarded YES $40,000 to fund a new industrial grade kitchen for the shelter. Here are some of the updates this funding covered:

  • New stainless-steel countertop and shelving
  • New sanitizing dishwasher to replace old household model
  • New sinks
  • New flooring
AFTER: The new dining room area is easier to clean and allows youth and families to eat comfortably.

Big help from our community

We also received crucial help from the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, who covered the cost of new fridges, the dining room furniture, and food for people in shelter while the renovations were taking place.

The Peterborough Foundation gave us the funding needed to replace our old oven ranges. And Teachers for Kids paid for new kitchen curtains, that would ensure the privacy of our clients.

All of these changes will improve the experience of people and families staying in shelter, and make it much easier for shelter staff to ensure food safety.

Thank you, to these incredible organizations for helping us keep young people and families who are struggling, safe and nourished.

More to do!

There are a number of significant maintenance projects that are long-overdue at our Emergency Shelter on Brock St. If you are interested in giving to YES to help us complete this work, please get in touch with Brooke Erickson, Development Lead at YES., 705-312-6828