Art drop-in uncovering some real talent

Posted on August 22, 2019 in YES Stories, Client Stories

Creating art and spending time making things can really shift your focus and improve your well-being. And that’s exactly what’s happening for the youth attending our art drop-in.


YES’ Youth Drop-In program provides an opportunity for youth experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity to come, eat a free meal, and create. And it’s having an important impact on young lives.

Meet Tiff and Cade

Tiffany has been attending the drop in since it started. When she’s there, she finds herself in a comfortable and supported space where people understand her and like to share their perspectives and creations. “Everyone is willing to share their art. Everyone understands everything; we all have things going on at home, and it’s a nice way to get out and get away.”

Tiff’s boyfriend Cade also comes to the drop-in and makes art. He prefers music as a creative outlet, but when Tiff nudged him to go, he found that he really enjoyed it. “It makes me feel better about myself because I’m actually getting involved in the culture of the city,” says Cade.

Also, sometimes the options can seem limited to young people in Peterborough. “We think that’s why kids are getting into substance, and getting in trouble with the law, because there’s nothing really to do anymore that’s fun and safe. So I think this (program) is really important,” says Tiff.

Local artists are pitching in

The Drop-In has the involvement of local artists Brian Nichols and John Marris as well as YES outreach workers who can assist the participants, should they need help around housing, food or income insecurity. The space they create is a peaceful one that fosters the creativity of those involved in a way that inspires the art to continue in their daily lives.

“I was already creative before but it inspired me to do art more regularly because it really does help your inner self. It can really help with anxiety and depression.”

And thanks to recent support we recently received through the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, this valuable program can continue.


Tiff’s work was recently featured on the back cover of the latest edition of The River Magazine. Up-and-coming artist much?? Look for it (available for free) in Peterborough.

Do you know someone between the ages of 16 – 22 who could benefit from YES’ Youth Drop-In? Get in touch by emailing info@yesshelter.ca or calling 705-748-3851.

*art throughout is Tiffany’s